Brain Fog? Sluggish? Low Libido or “not feeling it”?

Time to regain control over your own life!

Learn how to get and maintain a Winning Mindset so you can get more confident, stronger, richer, and date quality people – with ease!

Join JOZEF and everyone for this fun & interactive 7-Day Mind & Body Detox Challenge – and get going!

Start today! Full access to all videos and our private VIP group where you can ask the instructors questions – without paying extra!

This is a simple and fun program that takes just 17 minutes a day!



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  • Made in the USA 🇺🇸
  • Made in a FDA Registered Facility 🥼
  • USDA Organic & Lab Tested 🌿


How It Works:

This is a simple and easy to follow program, just watch our daily videos and follow the simple instructions:

  • Download our Coursebook
  • Join our Private VIP Group
  • Watch the Videos
  • Ask questions and make new friends!


What Will You Learn?

Day 1 – How to Detox Your Gut & Blood

Day 2 – How to Detox Your Home

Day 3 – How to Detox Your Mind

Day 4 – How to Detox Your Feelings

Day 5 – How to Feel Amazing!

Day 6 – How to Achieve (almost) Anything!

Day 7 – How to Sleep Well

Bonus! Day 8 – How to use our Supplements!


Supplements Included*

* The following supplements are included when you purchase the bundle (Supplements are not included If you purchased the course only).




  • Can I start anytime? Yes! You can start right now.
  • Can I ask questions? Yes! You can ask the instructors directly – inside or Private VIP Group.
  • What happens if I missed a day? Just continue from where you left off.
  • Can I repeat the Course? Yes! You can do it again, at no cost to you!


  • JOZEF will show you:
  • How to deal with panic situations
  • How to get work done
  • How to deal with annoying people
  • How to deal with distractions
  • What Focus really is and how to achieve it
  • What is Delayed Gratification and how to use it to your advantage…!
  • and lots more inside our Private VIP Group – Cocoa Social!



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